Episode 1 - Matchday 1 (10th, 11th, 12th June)

It's the first episode of the Odds On Podcast, a brand new show from Andrew Stanley, Ryan Cullen and StatMaster David Reilly for the UEFA Euro 2016 Football Tournament! Each day of games, Andrew and Ryan will make bets on the matches (to a limit of €10) and discuss their bets, their predictions, and the matches that have passed, and those to come.

Today's episode deals with first three days of the tournament!

Friday 10th - France vs. Romania

Saturday 11th - Albania vs. Switzerland, Wales vs. Slovakia, England vs. Russia

Sunday 12th - Turkey vs. Croatia, Poland vs. Northern Ireland, Germany vs. Ukraine

You can find the show on Twitter @OddsOnPod where you can share your own bets and predictions with the lads. You can find their Twitter accounts below.

Andrew Stanley - @astanleycomedy

Ryan Cullen - @RyanCullen90

David Reilly - @DaveyReilly

The show is Produced by Rob O'Sullivan (@RobHand) of Sentinel Audio Productions with Music by The Cooper-Church Amendment.