Season Post-Mortem - Premier League 2016-17

 The season is over, Davey is defeated, Ryan is Ryan, and Andrew returns to gloat as he has, despite rarely being there and undergoing sabotage with the bets, won the league! Listen in as the lads break down all that happened, and what their predictions are for next season! 

And don't worry, they chat about the Fantasy Football league! You can find the show on Twitter @OddsOnPod where you can share your own bets and predictions with the lads. You can find their Twitter accounts below.

Ryan Cullen - @RyanCullen90

David Reilly - @DaveyReilly

Andrew Stanley - @astanleycomedy

The show is Produced by Rob O'Sullivan (@RobHand) of Sentinel Audio Productions with Music by The Cooper-Church Amendment.