Episode 43 Feat. Aaron JS Murphy

It's on time, and it's Episode 43 of the Stoneface Films Podcast! Davey's back from creating society within the belly of a giant catfish. To celebrate, the lads are joined by the Consigliere, Mr. Aaron JS Murphy (@GalacticGargle) for a new show of sheer nonsense!

They play out a defamation case in Moot Court, and answer questions about the most exotic places they've been, the shittiest travel experiences, and what sports they would invent, or make better!

Stay tuned on Thursday, as the final of the Sainsbury's Car Park Invitation 2015 Season One is going to be brought to a stunning finish! Send in who you think will win using #CarParkBattle!

The show now also has a PO Box as some of you have expressed an interest in sending the lads stuff! They've received some amazing stuff so far that was wildly unexpected and hugely appreciated. Thank you so much!

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The Sainsbury's Car Park Invitational 2015 Season One will return for the grand final soon! Until then, send in who you think is going to win the whole tournament using #carparkbattles! 

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