S02E01 Feat. Erin McGathy

And we're back! Season 2 is here, and it's going to be a goody! The lads have a very special guest, Podcaster and Comedian, The American Erin McGathy (@ErinMcGathy)! You know her from her incredible podcasts on the Feral Audio network, This Feels Terrible and Human Conversation, shows, and a network, that you should definitely check out!

Light on the questions today as a lot of people had the audacity to die and pull on our heartstrings. Erin discusses moving to Ireland, Jon discusses his repression and going to the Vatican. Also, Amsterdam, burlesque, and favourite movie villains! Like I said, it's a goody!

We also need contestants for the new season of the Sainsbury's Car Park Invitational, so do send in your suggestions. Please just send one person, or indeed geographical curiosity, and we'll make up the pairings in a brand new bracket. While we're at it, we need to figure out whether it should be The Sainsbury's Car Park Invitational 2016 Season One, or The Sainsbury's Car Park Invitational 2016 Season Two.

Feels good to be back!

The show now also has a PO Box as some of you have expressed an interest in sending the lads stuff! They've received some amazing stuff so far that was wildly unexpected and hugely appreciated. Thank you so much!

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