S02E28 Feat. Saoirse Ní Chiaragáin

It's Friday and the lads are once again joined by Filmmaker, Screenwriter and Sherpa through the Millennial Age Saoirse Ní Chiaragáin (@MiseryVulture) for chats on erotic fan-fiction, "Mommy kissing Santa Clause: Cheater or no?", and how to spend time off!

They also get into the semantics of YouTube videos being called films, the Gaeltacht, and an in-depth chat about being a creator, and the self-doubt that innately comes with it. It gets deep, so buckle up!

The third bout of the Quarter Finals of the Sainsbury's Car Park Invitational 2016 Season Two is here on Friday as The Kingfisher Jeremy Wade takes on a Nissan Skyline imbued with the spirit of Russell Crowe! It's one for the ages, folks!

Here is the new address for the show as some of you have expressed an interest in sending the lads stuff! The postcards are filling up the wall! They've received some amazing stuff so far that was wildly unexpected and hugely appreciated. Thank you so much!

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