S03E44 Feat. Martin Angolo

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It's Friday, my dudes, and the lads are once again joined by the comedian and writer, Martin Angolo (He doesn't have Twitter, but check out his Facebook page HERE) to chat screenwriter's inabilities to get past using a certain name in stuff, Star Trek, and Soupy Norman!

They also discuss the saga of the lad's bins, fantasy football (again I know we're sorry), Pogs, yo-yos, and the mysteries of the world feat. Right Said Fred!

Here is the address for the show as some of you have expressed an interest in sending the lads stuff! The postcards are filling up the wall! They've received some amazing stuff so far that was wildly unexpected and hugely appreciated. Thank you so much!

Stoneface Films
6A Walkinstown Avenue
Dublin 12

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