If you're in Dublin this coming Sunday, the 24th of September, come to our first ever live show, at the All Day Podcast Extravaganza! We're doing it as part of the Dublin Podcast Festival set up by the amazing Headstuff! You can get tickets at the following link: CLICK HERE!

Damo had to leave, so we're back to an El Classico episode, but with Jon's phone broken we weren't able to access questions! Not to worry, the lads chatted about a whole manner of things!

They had a brief chat about the fantasy football, Davey's new character for Dungeon's and Dragons, the Juggalo March, Star Wars, and Mother!

Here is the address for the show as some of you have expressed an interest in sending the lads stuff! The postcards are filling up the wall! They've received some amazing stuff so far that was wildly unexpected and hugely appreciated. Thank you so much!

Stoneface Films
6A Walkinstown Avenue
Dublin 12

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