Ep. 14 Wicklow Wolf - American Amber Ale

A-wooOOO - Wicklow Wolf joins the party and rather mysteriously Ben isn't around to host the show. Not missing a beat, the beefy Gavin Carberry takes up the mantle and hosts like he's never hosted before!

From our dusty cellars, to the misty full moon above, the Fine Ale Countdown is now in session!

This Fine Ale Countdown is brought to you by Manus Cronin, Jack Toner, Gavin Carberry, and James Belfast. The host for this particular show is Gavin Carberry, but that role is normally performed by Ben Clifford. You can reach the show via Twitter or Instagram @FAleCountdown. If you enjoyed the show make sure to subscribe, rate and get in touch!

Huge thanks to Neil Fitzpatrick for the music and Sentinel Audio for its podcast wizardry as well as giving the podcast a home.