Ep. 30 Beavertown - Gamma Ray American Pale Ale

Danny Trappe of Yellowbelly Brewery and The Bottle podcast fame joins the lads, and Gamma Ray's the shit out of the show.

From our dusty cellars, to the dam'd shores of Beavertown, the Fine Ale Countdown is now in session!

You can get in touch with Danny directly here @DannyTrappe, and be sure to follow Yellowbelly for all updates on its new brews here @YellowbellyBeer.

The Fine Ale Countdown is brought to you by Manus Cronin, Jack Toner, Gavin Carberry, and James Belfast. The show is hosted by Ben Clifford, with music supplied by Neil Fitzpatrick. Huge thanks to Sentinel Audio for its podcast wizardry as well as giving the podcast a home.